• nika deml

the worlds we enter: subconscious parallel reality travels

Falling down the rabbit hole is often not the only method of entering another world. We can quickly change our surrounding environment, which will redefine our context perfectly. All we have to do is to physically enter enclosed space. At that moment, reality shatters. Outside loses its importance, as the boundary of our immediate environment subconsciously changes its shape.

Since I am based in Tokyo, that is the larger context of my daily encounters with interiors of the city. Tokyo is a place that you can only unlock as you go through it and experience it. It cannot be understood from the outside and you can only understand the parts you have unlocked already. It is difficult to grasp and it is easy to make incorrect assumptions.

From the street is could look like closed monotone place, especially during the day. At night, the blank closed spaces upon up with light and start inviting visitors a bit more. But majority of places doesn't have the luxury of having a store front. To European eyes it might be surprising to find these even on the seventh floor of a building. It is quite common to get off an elevator on the nth floor only to find the most exquisite world awaiting your arrival. That is the loveliness of a concrete jungle gem finding.

From a viewpoint, both during the day and night, all we see is an never ending city of buildings. It looks cold, anonymous and most importantly not at all like what it is when you walk around it. There is a huge discrepancy about which I would like to write. Because when you completely immerse yourself in the array of worlds the city, you can see its full richness. The city is an range of interiors, waiting for you to be assembled into individual experiences.

I am in love with going through cities and finding unique places that make you feel as if you had just entered another world and it is something I would like to focus my writing.

People lose the understanding of the wider context quite quickly, when they are focused on the immediate present. Once in a while, you might remember that actually you are currently in the never ending city. However, we are not reminded very often. More likely you are going to drift to a completely different location and time in your own mind. Location mapping which would include even these intangible past and future realities would sure we fun to sketch out.

But if we limit ourselves to the present tense we wonder from one world to another. Every restaurant, cocktail bar and shop are unique in design and their disconnection if something desired.

And once you enter, the surrounding disappears. Of course it is a simple idea, but I think it is quite magical.

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